The Association Employer Health Plan Option




Historically, self-funded health insurance has only been available for larger employer groups. Through the Association Employer Health Plan, self-funding may be offered to groups as small as 5 employees*. Self-funding with stop-loss may be one of the more effective ways employers can influence the rising costs of healthcare coverage.






How does this plan benefit the Association?

  • The association provides a valuable service to its members
  • The association may receive recurring non-dues revenue
  • The association may use the plan as a recruiting or retention tool

Why would Association employers participate?

  •  Lower cost
  •  More employer control
  •  Opportunity to retain unused claim dollars in low claim years

Learn how to quickly, easily, and seamlessly implement a guided turnkey system, that may just become an Association or Cooperatives' largest source of recurring non-dues revenue. Contact us today for your Association/Cooperative start-up kit!

*Available for groups of 5 or more. Approval not guaranteed. Not available for groups under 100 domiciled in the State of New York.